After graduating from the University of Edinburgh Napier with a Bsc Hons in Consumer Product Design, Andrew began his career in the Oil and Gas industry as a Subsea Designer. During this time Andrew was involved in many international projects for multinational corporations. However, his passions lay elsewhere and the decision was made to establish a focal point to build on his earlier creative roots. 

With a love and in-depth knowledge of Motorsport, design and materials, Andrew used these points of axis as inspiration.

Founded in 2012 in rural Scotland and now based in Munich, Germany, the main ambition of GRD is to evolve the world of watch design with unique interpretations of time telling while emphasis is put on showcasing an automotive heritage.

Every car has its own story as it is passed from one custodian to another. Let GRD watches be a part of your story.
Matt Farah @TheSmokingTire with his RL-72 watch